7 Months

I got used so much with you this whole time, that’s the first time I do not like to be alone“-the phrase that is in my mind every time I leave a place who I used to call home for a little while.

I just want to write about it, not because I want to express myself, just do not forget the feeling.

i can’t express myself because this is not a game anymore. I’m not longer the girl who started this blog, and I can’t be hurt easily, but instead deeply and by the persons who really matter or not. That’s why is hard for me to write about this, may
I’m wrong sometimes, judging myself too much but I can’t afford to make a mistake or a observation about something that I don’t get it or get it wrong. “what’s good for the goose?!
I’m the free thinker but also I have feelings, and I don’t wanna be one another anonim writer who write just what can think of from moment. even is shown to live just the moment, and I agree just in one circumstance , is more social to live with humanity.
it takes me a lot of “going-on” in the last 7 months to write just a little bit on blog, but I need to change something, and I wanna start with little step and now.